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Founded in 1993, Ditecsa is an international company that specializes in the integral management of industrial plants. Our scope of activity ranges from design, development, operation, maintenance and industrial cleaning to the management and elimination of wastes derived from these activities.

Ditecsa has a strong presence throughout the national territory, North Europe and the Andean region.

Our added value is especially relevant in sectors in which we represent a market benchmark: oil & gas and petrochemicals, mining, energy and manufacturing.


To offer our customers integral industrial and environmental solutions, which guarantee the full operability of their facilities, thus contributing a differential service in those regions in which DITECSA is present.


Leading company in industrial and environmental solutions thanks to the ability to transform technological innovation into quality products and high-business value, relying on first rate technical staff who are customer-service minded.


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Ditecsa is founded, gathering more than 20 years of engineering, installation and maintenance experience of industrial projects.
The stage of internationalization begins with its implementation in Colombia and Chile.
Madarias Inversiones become shareholders, reinforcing managerial and financial capacities. Some subsidiaries are built in Morocco and Mexico.
The international expansion continues with the creation of a subsidiary in Ecuador. Economic performance strengthens and a change in growth strategy takes place with the search for corporate operations infield.
Some subsidiaries are built in Germany and the UK. The engineering company, Tecna del Ecuador, is acquired.
Strengthening of the industrial matrix in two Geographical Areas (Europe and Andean-Mexico regions) and in four strategic sectors (Oil & Gas, mining, energy and manufacturing). Ditecsa acquires Befesa Gestion de Residuos Industriales (now Ditecsa Soluciones Medioambientales). Ditecsa compra Befesa Gestión de Residuos Industriales (actualmente Ditecsa Soluciones Medioambientales).
Redefinition of the company’s strategy based on two business areas: Ditecsa Soluciones Industriales and Ditecsa Soluciones Medioambientales extend their service portfolio to include the integral management of industrial facilities. Ditecsa acquires Ecansa (Ecologia Canaria, S.A.) in the CEPSA group.
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