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From its strategy and policies, Ditecsa accepts responsibility both publicly and voluntarily for its commitment to the environment as a reference factor in the performance of all its activities.

The environmental variable is a consubstantial part of the aim of the company and our principal business objective: to guarantee our customers a technical and environmentally adapted management of their wastes, industrial cleaning, management and decontamination of soils, commercialization of our national products / services at a national and international level, and the reduction of risks as manufacturers, thus increasing customers’ confidence.

For this reason, we are not just an environmentally responsible company, but we also work to become a sustainable company and, therefore, a more competitive and profitable company on a short, medium and long-term basis.

Our commitments to the environment:

To maximally reduce the environmental effects that could stem from activities, and do everything that we possibly can to resolve problems in this area at a local, autonomous and global level.

To assume a rigorous and professional behaviour in the fulfilment of all requirements, procedures and applicable legislation in force. Training and environmental awareness-raising of employees, so that the development of their work is carried out with maximum respect for the environment, likewise promoting environmental respect between suppliers.

Action lines

Periodically, Ditecsa identifies principal challenges and opportunities, considering the expectations of interested parties, sector trends, foreseen regulation and the best available technologies for all its services.
The results of this analysis allow us to discover the most relevant issues on which we must act and materialize, with the commitment of the Management of the Company, in the definition of aims and the obliged fulfilment of action plans, which are developed operatively, under systematic and parameterized processes that guarantee a constant improvement in our environmental performance.

Among the principal lines of action in terms of the environment of the organization, the following stand out: the management of environmental risks in our facilities, operative efficiency in activities regarding waste management and industrial cleaning for our customers, and the active collaboration with social agents and public administrations at a local level.

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