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Ditecsa relies on the Preventive Excellence certificate, being one of the aspects that our customers most value, not only for guaranteeing all workers’ safety in their facilities, but for avoiding, in addition, the increase of deadlines and costs regarding the execution of the project.

Ditecsa has a strong commitment to safeguarding the health and safety of its workers, far beyond what is strictly demanded by the law. We are satisfied that accidents at work can be avoided if a rigorous Health and Safety policy is in place, accompanied by actions that promote the preventive culture of all links in our company.

Our commitment to Health and Safety

To plan preventive measures regarding safety and to identify risks before beginning projects and to act directly on them.

Our workers receive continuous training so that they are able to identify any risk associated with their work.

Real time follow-up of all the rules, procedures and requirements in terms of job safety by means of checkups on safety conditions, checkups on order and cleanliness, preventive safety operations, etc.

Action lines

In order to achieve these aims, Ditecsa integrates new interventions which attract the attention of workers, and serve to constantly improve the conditions of the company’s health and safety.

The PRL equipment produces specific monthly campaigns on fundamental subjects in terms of safety issues, such as training, signage, informative pamphlets and so on, which are very valued by workers and customers.

All these actions have demonstrated a striking visibility in terms of health and safety on the part of workers and customers, and have reduced accident rates by 80 % over the last 10 years.

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