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Ditecsa relies on wide experience in services of industrial cleaning, principally, but not exclusively, for customers of the chemical and petrochemical sector.

Automatic cleaning of tanks

Environmental advantages, economic savings and security:

  • Hydrocarbon recovery
  • Minimisation of stop times
  • Operation under inert atmosphere


Loading and unloading of catalysts under inert atmosphere Dense loading and sock loading


Extraction and airing of equipment located up to 6.8m in height and up to 35t. Robotic cleaning of interchangers

Hydrodynamic cleaning

Ditecsa Soluciones Medioambientales is one of the first companies in Spain to use ATEX truck technology.


Centrifugation and filtration plants in situ / ex-situ:

  • Facilities adapted to customers’ need.
  • Processes adapted to the waste’s characteristics.
  • Economic savings with regard to external management.

With this technology, we manage to recover the oil phase, which is returned to the customer for its valuation; we manage to reduce the amount of wastes that are externally managed; and we recover water which could be used in other processes or that is suitable to be sent to water purification plants before being discharged.

Projects - Industrial Cleaning

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