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Dear friends,


For several years, Ditecsa has been deploying a strategy whose main aim is to offer a better and wider service to our customers. Within this policy, the integration of BGRI (Befesa Gestion de Residuos Industriales), now DSM (Ditecsa Soluciones Medioambientales), is included. After this corporate operation, one of the most renowned in the engineering sector in the last few years, we are in a position to offer a response to any needs that customers may have, provided that our model of integrated business allows us to include all phases of the process.

The management of dangerous and non-dangerous wastes, together with the remediation of soils and a complementary commitment to specialized industrial cleaning, offers a series of environmental solutions that, thanks to the industrial services that we were already providing across Ditecsa, have given rise to one of the few companies in Europe that are able to offer an integral service in this area.

Our strategy, based on growing together with our customers, relies on three fundamental pillars that, in turn, intertwine with one other to shape a reality with an enormous feature that is more and more competitive every day: execution of EPC packages, both small and those one of great importance; maintenance works; and the most advanced environmental solutions.

In our vertical vocation of services, the ability to manufacture unitary capital goods can also be found, emphasizing our commitment to being highly competitive and fulfilling the highest parameters of quality that the market demands.

Everything aforementioned allows us to maintain leadership in the four large sectors in which we operate: oil & gas, mining, energy and manufacturing. In all four of them, we offer a wide range of services covering every client’s needs in areas ranging from engineering to industrial maintenance, including manufacture, and complementing it with our ultimate commitment: the integral management of the environment and the treatment of industrial wastes for both solid and liquid materials.

Nowadays, Ditecsa is present in two large areas, the European Union and Latin America, where we try to grow and accompany our customers in its development and managerial expansion. And, led by them, we are always open to providing punctual services in those new markets in which need is generated.

The supported investment in quality and prevention of occupational hazards makes us live up to the requirements that an increasingly globalized market currently demands. In parallel, the obsession with improving every day forces us, in addition, to provide a very personalized management to our suppliers and to require from them a major and better capacity of service.

Finally, more than 1,500 people who shape Ditecsa’s staff have, in their DNA, the continuous search for productivity differentials in order to be able to continue offering services to our customers and more competitive solutions.


Thank you so much and welcome to Ditecsa.



Gonzalo Madariaga


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