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Treatment, transfer and assessment centre for dangerous and non-dangerous industrial wastes.

Temporary storage: grouping and conditioning for expedition to final treatment.

Strategic sectors/type of industry:

  • Machine/tools
  • Iron and steel industry
  • Construction
  • Automobile industry
  • Water
  • Emulsions
  • Oils and hydrocarbons
  • Acids
  • Bases
  • Aerosols
  • Solvents
  • Solid and thick recoverable wastes
  • Contaminated material
  • Inorganic wastes
  • Organic wastes
  • Containers
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Batteries
  • Oil filters
  • Laboratory reagents

Groups of wastes that are managed in the plant: 

  • Wastes from thermal metallurgy of zinc
  • Wastes from casting of ferrous and steel pieces
  • Wastes from paper pulp manufacturing
  • Contaminated soils
  • Wastes arising from treatment waste facilities
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