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Transfer and recovery centre for dangerous and non-dangerous industrial wastes.
Withdrawal of dangerous wastes for industrial customers, cleaning of tanks, industrial cleaning

Strategical sectors:

  • Energy sector
  • Naval sector
  • Petrochemical sector

Groups of wastes that are managed in the plant:

  • HC contaminated solid wastes (395tn)
  • Liquid wastes coming from hydrocarbons (19,000tn) (MARPOL)
  • Fluorescent (0,5tn)
  • Foam-making (14tn)
  • Paints (38tn)
  • Inorganic liquids (11tn)
  • Batteries (1tn)
  • Aerosols (1tn)
  • Dangerous substances in devices (1tn)
  • Asbestos (4tn)
  • Acids and acid mud (1tn)
  • Ashes (560tn)
  • Contaminated containers (74tn)
  • Chemical water (270tn)
  • Trivial (77tn)
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