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Customer: CLH
Date: September 2015 – present (December 2017)
Project location: Burgos

Decontamination of soils and underground waters belonging to the former warehouses that CLH had in Burgos.

In September 2015, the installation of equipment began in CLH’s former facilities in Burgos in order to carry out their decontamination.

Before the remediation project, an analysis of soil and water present in the location, and later, a risk analysis were carried out. After the study, it was checked that the present pollution was due to hydrocarbons (TPH), and with the risk analysis, we determined that their maximum concentration at 1100 ppm was not harmful to human health and ecosystems.

The project is based on bioremediation by means of dynamic biocells, that is to say, by means of regular turns by adding nutrients, in order to obtain pollutant concentration at a lower level than 1100 ppm.

In December 2016, and after having observed that the speed of remediation was not ideal, the project was reconsidered and we installed a screening machine-washer of soils to try to separate gravel and balls, whose pollution was superficial, from the fine ones. As a final treatment, these will have the biocells system already installed.

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