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Customer: GALP
Date: January 2017 – December 2018
Project location: Olmedo (Valladolid).

Works are based on bioremediation through the elimination of the free existing phase on some piezometers installed in Galp’s service station in Olmedo.

The aim of the works is to eliminate the free existing phase in some of the already existing piezometers in the station by means of the high-vacuum pumping of wells. To carry out this process, we have conducted several previous referential studies, as well as elimination actions that were carried out at a given moment in order to improve performance.

The present liquid will be extracted in seven of the existing wells in the location and will be passed through the remediation unit, which consists of a high-vacuum bomb, a phase separator and a filter, until cleanliness of the wells is obtained. Every month and every four months, an analysis and reports will be carried out to observe the correct functioning of the method.

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