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Customer: Santa Ana de Bolueta, S.A.
Date: September 2014-March 2015
Project location: Foundry of Bilbao.

Decontamination through the selective excavation of soils in the former facilities of Santa Ana de Bolueta in Bolueta (c/Telleria, 1).
The company Santa Ana de Bolueta, after finishing its activity, and once the structures in which the business was located were demolished, tried to carry out the decontamination of the location.

Ditecsa, as the main contractor, carried out the selective excavation of the present materials for their later intermediate collection within the work through to the analysis of its composition and the decision of final treatment.

Once the present pollutants in the sample were analysed, approximately 15,000 tons of wastes were managed in an authorized plant. Most of them were considered to not be dangerous.

During the excavation, it was necessary to grind some concrete floors which, once crushed, were used as landfill material within the same location, previous analysis had identified them as “pollution free”.


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