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Ditecsa stands out because of its ability to transform technological innovation into quality and high-business value products, relying on a first-rate technical team who are customer-service minded.

We have the means and the necessary technical and human qualifications to guarantee the best results when executing all types of industrial projects of high managerial value.

The Occupational Risk Prevention Quality and Environment department safeguard for the faithful fulfilment of regulations, being active in the development of interventions and providing training and constant and updated awareness-raising.


Quality for Ditecsa is a distinguishing and recognizable element from the beginning of its activities, as an indispensable requirement to guarantee its results consistently.

Health & Safety

Guaranteeing the safety of our workers is the aspect that our customers most value. Accidents at work are avoidable if a careful Health and Safety policy is in place.


Reducing the maximum impact of our activities on the environment is an essential part of our business strategy, which is reflected in our demanding environmental policy and from our ethical commitment to society.

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